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DisabledInfo.co.uk offers advice and information for the disabled from the disabled
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disabled holiday information
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How To Start Using Social Media Reply
If you come from a generation which didn't grow up with social media and you haven't taken the first steps onto the social media ladder then this blog is for you!

Social Media, by definition from The Oxford Dictionary are 'websites or applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.' So the websites or applications enable you to share content such as text, photos, videos and events. These sites allow you to create a personal profile which is unique to you where you can post and share content as and when you want to. Lets take Facebook for example. Facebook enables you to create a profile of yourself, once created you can become 'Friends' which others which have personal profiles. When you post or share content via your personal profile your friends can see this. With the number of social media sites increasing it is important to know what each one actually does! Within this blog we will examine a number of different sites and how to start using these sites almost immediately and for FREE!

So what are the main social media websites or applications?

Google +

What do they actually do and how to get started...

Getting started on these social media sites is relatively easy! We will start with Facebook. Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world with almost 1.4 billion users. These giants were the company who really started this whole thing. With their easy to navigate website and ability to connect with people from all over the world Facebook grew into something that everyone had to have! So what can Facebook do?

- Upload photos and images
- Upload videos
- Post text onto your profile timeline
- Become 'Friends' with people you know
- Create private and public events and have the power to invite who you want
- View your 'Friends' profiles

To get started follow this link www.facebook.co.uk which will take you to the Facebook homepage. Go to the sign up section and input the details required. Hit the Sign Up button! Follow the on screen tutorials and instructions for navigation around the page and setting up your own profile. This truly great website is great for communication with existing friends and may help you to meet new people!

Visit our Facebook Page to get a better understanding of how it works and what you can post! Visit www.facebook.com/mobilitygiant

Twitter is another social media big shot! Twitter has an average of 241 million monthly active users and a staggering 300 billion tweets have been sent since it was first set up. Twitter has intelligently differed from Facebook and become unique. Instead of standard posts you 'tweet' and instead of friends you have followers. When you make your own personal profile you can search and find other people using twitter and you have the opportunity to follow their profile. Once followed all their tweets will come up on your home page and you can see their activity. Likewise if someone follows your account your activity will come up on their homepage. So what can Twitter do?

- Tweet text, photos and images
- Follow anyone from Simon Cowell to Joe Bloggs and view their activity!
- Re-tweet tweets that others have posted onto your profile for your followers to see
- Follow businesses and companies to find out latest offers and news
- Stay in touch with people from all over the world!

To get started head to www.twitter.com. Use the signing up section and fill in the required information. Once completed hit the 'Sign up for Twitter' button. Once inside twitter you will be required to select a theme for your profile and also a profile image. The profile image is the image that visitors will see first when they view your profile so make sure you pick a nice one! Use the search engine at the top of the page to search for people you may know or any famous people you want to follow!

Visit our Twitter Profile to view our tweets and make sure you follow us! Visit www.twitter.com/mobilitygiant

The final social media platform I will look at is LinkedIn. LinkedIn started around 10 years ago and it has now established itself as a leader in the social media market and has become ever popular with people and businesses! Slightly different from Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn has grown into an organisation that businesses use on a daily basis. Over 300 million people and 3 million businesses have created accounts. Much like the previous two media applications you create your own personal profile. What is different with LinkedIn is that your profile contains more information on work and business interests. It acts as almost like an online CV where you build your employment history, your skills and abilities and anything else you feel you want other people to know about you. So what can LinkedIn do?

- Input employment history
- Input skills and abilities you have
- Connect with people and businesses
- Join social groups and connect with new people

To join LinkedIn head to www.linkedin.com. Its completely free to sign up to just simply fill in the small amount of required personal information on the home page. Once joined you will again create your own personal profile. Follow through the instructions which show you the simple techniques to navigate the site effectively. Enter in your work and employment history and away you go!

All these three social media sites are absolutely free to sign up to and all offer great social benefits. The sites are user friendly and incredibly easy to use which make them ideal for any person of any age!

Mobility Giant

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