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DisabledInfo.co.uk offers advice and information for the disabled from the disabled
disabled holiday information
disabled holiday information
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disabled equipment disabled aids disabled equipment
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Accessibility Options: Stair Lifts, Platform Lifts, and Elevators

Travelling from point to another is as easy as a footstep. The elderly, disabled, and even people doing normal chores can take advantage of the benefits of various accessibility options out in the market. It guarantees convenience, safety, and improved travelling experience either indoor or outdoor. Each has its own good points and drawbacks. Some can cater to your most basic accessibility needs while others can offer more than the usual.

Stair Lifts When going up and down the stairs start to be a difficult and uncomfortable task, stair lifts are the best option. Electric or battery-powered stair lifts are generally cheaper to install compared to other accessibility options. It requires minimal or no additional space at all.

The user can even control the speed of the lift with a press of a button. No more ankle, knee or hip ache to worry when travelling the stairs. Various models offer elegant designs, colours, fabrics that can fit straight, spiral or curved stairs. Also, when not in use stair lifts can be folded up easily and efficiently, thus people can still freely travel the stairs. Stair lifts are best recommended for the elderly and disabled who find it hard or almost impossible to take steps on stairs.

Vertical Platform Lifts People on the wheelchair can have the best of both worlds using a vertical platform lift. It can be mounted straight to a wall or tower-mounted to the staircase. It offers a smooth, stylish and quiet ride. Some have a durable powder coating specifically designed for outdoor purposes.

They are the flexible and efficient answer to multi-level structures either inside or outside the home. It can be the best substitute for an elevator providing the same functionality at a very lower cost. When you are not using the lift, the rail system may be used as a suitable handrail. If stairs become a barrier, the best solution is a platform lift.

Elevators Considered to add significant value to your home, elevators are the most flexible accessibility option that can cater to every individual's needs. It adds value and at the same time provides convenience to your lifestyle. It requires less space compared to stair lifts and more stylish than platform lifts. Whether you are fixing the laundry, moving furniture, or unloading groceries, elevators are convenient and faster way to do it.

Some elevators come with safety features such as interlocks, cable safety devices, alarm, phone, emergency light and more. Its maintenance requirements are also minimal comparable with your furnace or air conditioner. Obviously, with all these features you will have to allot a bigger budget.

There are no more reasons for you or a family member to experience difficulty and pain in moving between floors of your own home. No more chance to miss a reunion or other family celebration just because you can't take the stairs or being locked up in one portion of the house for the reason that moving freely and independently is just impossible. Technology has made is here to improve the lives of mankind in so many ways.

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disabled equipment disabled aids disabled equipment
disabled equipment
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disabled equipment
disabled holiday information
disabled holiday information
disabled equipment
disabled equipment
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