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   Health > Ailments > Foot Pain - Can Read
Foot Pain - Can Ready Made Insoles Inside Your Shoe Effectively Relieve Your Foot Pain?

In a researchers report in an issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings, ready made shoe insoles did not effectively relieve foot pain among patients. 'This study provides convincing evidence that use of these static inserts was not effective in relieving symptoms of non-specific foot pain,' says Mark Winemiller, M.D., the lead author of the study and a Mayo Clinic physician.

Dr. Winemiller said adults with foot pain are likely to initiate self-treatment based on personal recommendations or belief systems, often without a specific diagnosis or prescription. This population type was targeted in this study with the goal of determining whether ready made insoles work in the way they are typically used, to relieve pain. He said the randomised, double-blind nature of this study was chosen to minimize bias and maximize the validity of results, and he is confident that this was accomplished.

If you have a foot pain, heel pain or plantar fasciitis problem, a moderate amount of low-impact exercise (such as walking, swimming, or cycling) will prove to be beneficial. With podiatrist and physical therapist suggested treatment exercises, the plantar fascia can be dramatically helped by a set of prescribed orthonics, to the degree that the foot will nearly always heal by itself, but be advised, it may take as long as a year to be completely pain free.

Night Splints work. Try using a night splint device while sleeping. It keeps the arch of the foot stretched, allowing the fascia to heal at night. Night splints are also available through your podiatrist as well as on the Internet.

Shock wave therapy is showing promise and is a safe and very effective alternative to surgery. Shock Wave Therapy conducted by your podiatrist or a physical therapist is very effective. This therapy uses low-energy sound waves to increase the healing potential of the injured fascia. It is best applied by a podiatrist or practicing physical therapist.

When foot pain first strikes, keep the insoles that are already in your shoes, resist the temptation to buy ready made 'cushioning' insoles and begin to address your foot pain problem using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as aspirin or ibuprofen. This may be a sufficient foot pain treatment to resolve your pain problem. If the pain persists, see your podiatrist.

Keep in mind that ready-made insoles will not provide balanced arch support, contribute to gait correction, nor cushion your foot effectively. Orthonics as prescribed by a podiatrist or physician is a tried and proven way as a method to improve on heel pain and/or plantar fasciitis.

Imagine your life if because of your foot pain, you could not stand erect, walk, or run. If you do not seek nor get the proper treatment this can beome a real possibility that will be a detriment to your mobility lifestyle.

So, search the internet and find your the friendly local professional podiatrist as soon as the pain begins.

About the author:
Ray Attebery is the Managing Director for Daily Health Updates, a breaking health news national service for TV and Radio broadcast stations and their web sites in the United States. He is also the President for The Centre for Pain Relief in New York City.
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Ray Attebery
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