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Digital Hearing Aid Comparison

Hearing aids have changed a lot since they were invented, now they're so small most people don't even notice when you're wearing one! These modern day hearing aids have a lot of advanced features. There is a hearing aid suitable for everyone, regardless of your budget and hearing requirement.

Digital hearing aids offer more advantages over the older, analogue version. Many hearing aid manufacturers no longer produce analogue models and focus all of their attention on producing newer digital models. Prices of digital hearing aids have fallen, which is another reason why analogue hearing aids are dying out.

Siemens Digital Hearing Aids

Siemens is a huge company, which makes everything from trains to calculators! It has been in business for around 125 years and so is defiantly a company that you can trust. Siemens hearing aids are very popular, in fact 1 in 5 American hearing aids is made by Siemens. Siemens manufacturing plant utilizes state of the art technology to produce very high quality reliable products, which are suitable for many different people. Siemens hearing aids are available in basic, value and ultimate ranges.

All of Siemens digital hearing aids come with a two year guarantee as standard. The more expensive hearing aids have advanced features. If you have a small budget, then consider Siemens Phoenix and Cielo models. The Artis e2e, which features wireless ear to ear technology, is the top of the range model for those with a larger budget.

Digital Hearing Aids from Starkey

Starkey Laboratories is the world's largest manufacturer of hearing instruments. Starkey was the first major hearing aid provider to give product warranty and free trial period.

Starkey produces a number of digital hearing aid models, including Cierra, Aspect and Mesa. Starkey is an innovative company and is the first to use nanoscience technology in its Destiny range. The top of the range offering from Starkey is Eli which can be used with Bluetooth phones.

Digital Hearing Aids from Beltone

There are in excess of 1300 different locations of Beltone, and they have a very good reputation. So you can be sure that these hearing aids will function for a very long time to come, they offer an aftercare program to all Beltone customers. They will also help you to choose the right hearing aid for your needs by conducting an assessment of your lifestyle.

The four main ranges of Beltone digital hearing aids are basic, quality, advantage and premier. Each of these ranges offers different models, which are suitable for different people. A basic digital hearing aid from Beltone is the Edge, which only offers three channels. Mira is the mid range digital hearing aid with 6 channels. The top of the range is the Oria and has 12 channels.

Digital Hearing Aids from Rexton

There are three main categories of Rexton digital hearing aids: entry-level, mid-level and high-level. The Arena is a classic digital hearing instrument in the basic range. The Targa model is a mid-level hearing aid that provides programmable memories and adaptive noise reduction (ANR) as well as microphone noise reduction (MNR).

The Calibra model offers up to four programmable memories, which are programmed by the hearing health professional to respond to different listening environments according to user preferences. The Revera is a digital wireless solution for binaural users and includes state-of-the-art features as well as a wireless remote.

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disabled holiday information
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