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   Health > Remedies That Have H > 5 Steps to Prevent a
5 Steps to Prevent an Impotent or Dysfunctional Penis Part 2

Third are medical issues such as testosterone level, medication side-effects, and blood flow.

The above issues need little space to address, but are still worth mentioning. A defining male hormone is testosterone and when this hormone level drops, many of your 'manly' functions, including sexual function, drop as well, a simple hormone therapy is usually enough to fix this problem.

There are also natural alternative methods that claim to restore your body's natural production of testosterone.

Side-effects from medications for things like heart problems, epilepsy, depression, and other are much too common. Most of you have heard the common jokes about how most medications cause more negative things than they do positive.

For every one thing the medication fixes it causes ten more side effects. Unfortunately medications for high blood pressure, depression, epilepsy and several other medical conditions have been scientifically proven to increase the likely hood and the severity of impotence.

The best thing you can do is to let your personal physician know that you have a concern for impotence and find out if there are other medications that can be prescribed to treat the condition, but not to impact sexual function.

Also it is usually best to get a second opinion when diagnosed with any condition, also there are a myriad of natural alternatives that are used for these conditions, but that doctors don't usually recommend. So take the time to research what it is you are taking and if there are other, perhaps less harsh, methods for treating your condition.

A reduction in blood flow to the penis is also a major concern. This is common in those who have hardening of the arteries, also those with high cholesterol, and those who are obese.

It is quite obvious how these can increase the severity and likely hood of impotence. One thing to mention is that these conditions occur after a lifetime of bad health habits, therefore it is unlikely that one can be cured of them, however there is quite often more than one way to treat these conditions so research thoroughly and make sure your personal physician is aware that you are trying to avoid impotence without having to resort to drugs, and that he lets you know about what options you have.

Fourth is nerve damage; illnesses, and some medical procedures.

An injury to the groin or nerve damage whether from injury or disease, again, is one of the more obvious reasons for sexual dysfunction. As most men can obviously tell there is much nerve tissue in the penis, everything from the actual functioning of the erection, to stimulation and several other functions.

This is a very serious issue because to date there is little treatment that has proven to work. There are several alternative methods including some therapeutic exercises, acupuncture, and even some herbal formulations that claim to help, yet there is little evidence that it actually works. Seek your personal physician's help making sure he or she is aware of your concern for impotence.

Some new prescription drugs are coming out that claim to reverse nervous system damage, however they are so new, little is known as to how likely they are to work and what its side-effects are.

A doctor, Aaron Vinik, M.D., out of the Strelitz Diabetes Institutes of Eastern Virginia is currently using some of these new drugs on his patients and is claiming positive results so far.

Illnesses such as diabetes, kidney or heart disease, can cause erectile dysfunction. Although diabetes, other than the reduced blood flow, is least likely to actually directly impact impotence, it is more likely to the nerve damaging properties of diabetes that would cause sexual dysfunction, as discussed above.

Kidney illnesses contribute to impotence due to the fact that your kidneys control blood flow and which hormones are in the blood stream. Improper function of your kidneys is very likely to contribute to sexual dysfunction.

Heart issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack, or strokes too often cause serious complications with several of your body's natural processes, one such complication is impotence. In fact many medical centers use erectile dysfunction as the biggest symptom to indicate heart problems.

The technical analysis of the correlation between impotence and heart problems is to examine abnormality in the pro-erectile nitric oxide production system in the penis with oxidative stress. This simply means that your blood is unable to supply the proper sexual systems with enough oxygen to allow them to function properly.

There has yet to be a proven product that fully eradicates all heart illnesses, however there are some that show a lot of promise. Although we tend to favor natural methods for treating most illnesses we are impressed with the success of the cholesterol removing vein surgery, which is somewhat risky but seems to work very well to remove your biggest clogs.

We also tend to prefer preventative measures. There are alternative methods that we recommend most. First is to avoid meat fats as much as possible. Second start a daily regimen of olive oil and lemon juice.

Third a daily vitamin consumption of the following vitamins: Omega-3 supplement high in essential fatty acids EPA and DHA, magnesium sulfate, l-arginine, niacin in form of inositol hexaniacinate, folic acid, coenzyme Q10, vitamin B6 and B12, and vitamin E with mixed tocopherols.

Fourth is a daily exercise program consisting minimally of a thirty minute brisk walk or jog. The key here is the thirty minutes. A somewhat unknown fact by most, but used by most exercise experts, is at twenty minutes of continuous cardio exercise that you finally start to really burn fat and causes your body to start rebuilding your capillary and vein tissue. So the time window between twenty and thirty minutes of continuous cardio is the key.

A possible side-effect of some medical procedures, including prostate or urinary tract surgery is another common cause of erectile dysfunction.

We do not dwell too deep here, it does warrant a quick mention however. The one thing that we recommend is that you find out all you can about your options before you undertake any harsh procedure around your genital area.

Fifth is drug abuse.

We are sure that this is not the first time that you have heard drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, cause sexual dysfunction. Yet they never say why. Well the honest truth is that drugs don't necessarily cause sexual dysfunction.

What it comes down to is the frequency and amount of use. A glass of wine a day is even considered healthy by many health professionals. The concern is that drugs such as tobacco and recreational drugs are rarely used just once a week.

Too often it is a daily use and this is when it becomes a problem. The legal term for intoxicated is actually not too far from the truth.

When your body is continually, without a real break, exposed to drugs it becomes in a very real sense toxic. It takes a major effort on the part of the body to detoxify itself, and if you are continually increasing the toxins into your body, your body has no fighting chance.

This is when it becomes a severe issue, due to the fact that your body is continually exposed to these toxins or poisons, they then start to kill off your body's functions, including sexual function.

Bottom line is if you can find some way to not get addicted, most drugs will not seriously hinder your sexual function. As a final note here some drugs so strongly and harshly impact your body that we recommend that you avoid them altogether. These include, chemical or crystal meth., heroin, acid and combinations of these such as ecstasy, and others.

Now that you are more informed about the major causes for impotence or erectile dysfunction, we hope that you will be able to make better life decisions to avoid sexual dysfunction. To keep things in perspective, there are men in their eighties who still have full function of their sexual organs, the all natural way.


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About the author:
Serj Sagan is the CEO and owner of the male enhancement company that is dedicated to find the real truth about male enhancement products and its manufacturers and expose that truth to the consumer. Copyright 2008 Serj Sagan of Male Enhancement Research.
Serj Sagan
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