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   Health > Remedies That Have H > 5 Steps to Prevent a
5 Steps to Prevent an Impotent or Dysfunctional Penis Part 1

The 'wonderful' world of male and female interaction revolves around the subject of sex and your ability to perform those sexual functions has become significantly important, perhaps more important than ever before.

The interesting thing about sexual performance is that it diregards age, race, or even gender. You could be 60 years old and be as concerned about the ability to perform well sexually as an 18 year old.

Thus it becomes a concern that many in the business to make money exploit this issue to make an extra buck for themselves.

So rather than going for the Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, or any of the other pharmaceutical, over-advertized, potentially hazardous, expensive and embarrassing male enhancement products available on the market, it is important to explore all of your options.

There are 5 primary reasons that cause impotence and we will discuss them and how they hinder your sexual function and what you can do to avoid them.

First are negative emotions, primarily worry, fear, stress, anger, and depression.

An abundant amount of research indicates that your feelings and emotions have physical manifestations that can be traced with chemicals released by your body into our blood stream.

These same chemicals hinder all of your body functions from your sleeping habits to how energetic you feel. You will find or may already have found that these emotions and chemicals have an immense impact on your sexual performance as well.

Rather than using other drugs that may cause impotence, the only real way to deal with worry, stress and fear is to truly and fully realize that all three of these emotions accomplish nothing; or at least nothing positive.

If you are stressing out about being late for work, does the actual stress help you in any way whatsoever to get to work on time? How about fearing that your loved one may not make it through a disease?

Is that worry going to help your loved one get better in any way? The answer is obviously NO. So then why do you let yourself feel those emotions? Simple, because you let yourself dwell on the negative of a situation, so start thinking the positive of a situation, and those emotions will automatically transfer to whatever it is that you think.

Instead of worrying about your loved one being sick, start being happy that they will get better. Instead of stressing about how badly you may perform in the bedroom, get excited about how amazing the sex will be tonight; yes even if you have always performed poorly, change your thoughts to how amazing you are in bed.

Anger, primarily suppressed anger and depression, are most similar to a slow working poison. There are several scientific sources claiming that anger and depression cause a chemical imbalance that causes restricted capillaries, which means less blood flow to the penis, softer erections, and not being as readily available.

The biggest concern is that this lack of sexual function causes even more pent-up anger and depression, thus it becomes a vicious cycle, creating even more impotence. Treating anger and depression is a difficult issue as there are more than a few methods for 'treating' them.

Everything from drugs, which cause even more problems and only reduce the symptoms and not the anger or depression themselves; to self affirming statements; to the annoying and rarely working 'I am angry because you did...' or 'I feel depressed because...'; and even more methods that claim to treat these two issues.

It seems that the 'A.N.G.E.R Workout', found by searching that phrase in Google, is a logical way to deal with anger and depression, but the only known method that claims to cure them is in the Bible.

Second is the lack of interest in sex, or in the sexual partner.

One of the biggest challenges in today's world is that it has much too many distractions, it seems like you are always busy; from work and driving and shopping to television and video games and Internet, and the list goes on.

By the end of your day it is quite often that you are exhausted, and much too often even when you know you should be sleeping you still wait up until the show is over, or until you finish this level, or participate in any of the other distractions in your life. Along comes a day when a few sparks happen and you make love to your significant other.

These sexual interactions may happen maybe twice a week, if you're lucky. What happens then is similar to what happens when you stop using your muscles, you get out of shape, maybe get overweight, and your muscles start to atrophy.

This also happens with your sexual functions, your sexual desires atrophy when you don't use it. Interestingly enough, the more time you spend doing something you enjoy, the more enjoyable it gets.

So instead of 1 or 2 a week change it to a minimum of once per day and maybe even sneak in a morning quickie once in a while. Your sexual desire and arousal will automatically start to increase as well.

Desire in your sexual partner can be a huge issue. The biggest cause of this is that you start to share important parts of your life with another person, someone at work, church, gym, etc. This is the worst possible detractor of your current intimate relationship because it usually seems so innocent, but in too many cases it grows out of control.

Most causes of cheating start with an innocent relationship; just friends having lunch. If you are in a relationship where you question just a little bit whether you are crossing the line, in almost all cases it means that you are.

The second cause for you to lose desire in your partner is that your habits start to take over too much of your time detracting from your current relationship. This can be anything from video games, to television, to surfing the web.

It can be even potentially positive things such as too much time spent on making money, physical activities such as skiing, rock climbing, jogging, and even working out, if they are done without your significant other being a part of them.

If this is your case then you will need to initially spend significantly more time with your partner. Dr. Stephen Covey, in his '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' compares it to a bank account. When you don't make 'deposits' of compliments, flowers, chocolates, meaningful conversations, etc. then your loved one's emotional accounts become 'overdrawn' especially if this is compounded with 'withdrawals' such as unkind comments, lies, anger, etc.

If your partner's emotional account becomes 'overdrawn' you will need to make many and consistent deposits to restore that emotional account to the positive, then once it's in the positive you don't just stop. You will need to maintain it by continually making those deposits.

The bottom line is once you start to make those 'deposits' into your loved one, they automatically return the favor. This will cause your desire for each other to increase, sexual and otherwise.

Serj Sagan
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