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DisabledInfo.co.uk offers advice and information for the disabled from the disabled
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Disabled World

Disabled World, one of the very first online communities for persons with disabilities, has now been online for over three and a half years.

I originally visited Disabled World several years ago and thought I would take another look to see how the website had progressed.

Disabled World (www.disabled-world.com) is a totally free and impartial website offering advice and reviews on a wide range of disability aids allowing the elderly and disabled people to make informed choices on various assistive products. Disabled World also offers thousands of free informative articles on health and medical conditions that have been researched and submitted by authors worldwide.

When we visited Disabled World we were amazed at the wealth of information freely provided. From scientific documentation by doctors on Indian herbs and alternative treatments for conditions and diseases, to some of the latest cutting edge information on stem cell research being conducted in various countries around the world.

We contacted the owners of Disabled World, Ian & Lynn Langtree, to see if they could provide us with some more information on their website.

The first thing I noticed when I called was Ian's Australian accent. He revealed he was originally from Darwin, in the Northern Territory, Australia, but was now a permanent resident of Canada and resides in Montreal Quebec having moved there over four years ago. 'Coming from tropical Darwin in the north of Australia to Canada was both a cultural shock and huge climatic change' he told me. 'In Darwin the temperature ranges from around 25 to 36 degrees C most of the year, but in Montreal it ranges from about 36 above to minus 45 degrees in winter.'

When asked on how Disabled World had progressed over the last few years Ian told me, 'It's booming, every week we are receiving more and more traffic from both casual surfers seeking useful information to people with disabilities joining our free dating section and posting and replying to ads in the classifieds area'. Ian went on to mention how the website had recently been given a 'makeover' with several new features being added including the ability to resize the text for the vision impaired and a new system was added to make printing articles for future reference very easy.

'We also worked on improving the navigation in menus and generally tidied up a few things to make page loads faster, both of which are crucial factors for any website', Ian said.

I asked him about future plans for Disabled World and whether they would be adding other features in the future. Ian replied, 'Yes, of course we will, the website is always evolving.

There are a large number of new features and updates we are planning to add to the website to make it even more functional and user friendly, and all services will still remain completely free. Disabled World is a lot more than just a glorified blog with a collection of postings and videos about any and everything', Ian explained.

'If you want that sort of thing you can go to MySpace or YouTube. We prefer to offer more factual articles and useful resources such as charts and calculators that are of use to people and especially to the disabled'.

I also mentioned to Ian that I had seen a section on Disabled World devoted to veterans with disabilities. 'Yes, thats a new section we have added recently and are still developing. It will eventually be an entire separate area of the website devoted to providing useful information and helpful resources for disabled war veterans worldwide'.

Browsing disabled-world.com we discovered a new forum had been added since our last visit and a number of people were involved in some interesting day to day topics in the disability chat room.

All in all we found Disabled World had matured very nicely over the years and is a fantastic resource for the disabled and people seeking information related to disabilities and health.

About the author:
Ian Langtree is the owner of popular website Disabled World an online community for persons with disabilities http://www.disabled-world.com
Ian Langtree
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disabled equipment
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disabled holiday information
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