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Accident Claim - Do You Qualify

Think about accident claim, the question is 'claim from whom?' flashes in our mind. Yes, there should be someone to give the accident benefit; they are the insurance companies. Once a person enters an understanding with the Insurance Company by paying a premium, that person is entitled for accident benefits in case he or she is the victim of an accident.

Most of the Insurance companies cover accidents like Road traffic accidents, injuries in industries and diseases. When an accident occurs the insured person will approach the Insurance Company. First thing the Insurance Company will do is, ask the company's accident specialists to ascertain that the person approached is the actual injured and a client of their company. Once they are convinced they will send a team consisting of Lawyers to the accident spot.

The team will assess the accident and give their report to the company. Based on the report the Insurance Company will decide percentage of compensation considering various aspects of the accident. Thus the accident claim is settled.

If the other party involved in the accident is fully or partially responsible for the accident, then the accident claim may be followed up. Back pain resulting in an accident is considered as serious.

Nerves getting damaged, disc dislocation, muscular injury are the roots for the back pain after accident. Such injury may be reason for partial or total disability. Accident claim in such a case is lawful. Similarly neck injury, ankle injury, leg injury are some of the other injuries that are lawful for accident claim. For all road accidents full compensation may be claimed.

Some other insurance companies provide accident compensation for accidents such as loss, injury at home, on the road, at work, which happens not because of your fault. Pain and suffering, loss of wages, repair cost or any other loss incurred due to such accidents are compensated.

There are two types of insurance as far as vehicle insurance is concerned. One is comprehensive insurance and the other is third party insurance. Damages caused to the vehicle that is involved in the accident along with damages to the other vehicle and injuries to the people involved are compensated in case of comprehensive insurance.

But in case of a third party insurance compensation is only given to the victim.

Injured person will be taken by the insurance company to an expert doctor and his opinion is obtained. If necessary a thorough medical examination is carried out. If the injured cannot attend his work part payment is paid as an advance. However the final payment may take longer time depending upon his hospitalisation.

In case of building damage an estimate of repair will be obtained from a civil engineer. Similarly an automobile engineer's estimate is necessary for a vehicle accident.

Accident compensation cannot be claimed if the accident occurs abroad. Thus, an accident claim becomes a difficult process as it involve experts report and proof for accident, document proof in case of building accidents and for automobile accidents document related to vehicle are necessary.

About the author:
An accident claim is made by the victim in order to get some compensation for his losses.
Lindsay Nolan
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