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Audio Books: At Opposite Ends

Audio books were created to cope with our lifestyle today. People who live in a routine-based life can add a little bit of a twist by listening to them. They can listen to the works of their favourite authors, discover new ways of running a firm or enterprise and even learn a new language.

With an audio book in hand, all this is possible without disturbing busy people's normal everyday cycle. Yes, evidently, multi-tasking is the audio book's middle name.

I often take my long walks along the beach, with the dogs chasing their ball, and me having Bernard Cornwell or Terry Pratchett novels read to me. I love my mp3 player.

By now, you are probably thinking of getting one for yourself. But before this article will lead you into concluding that audio books are indeed necessary, let us first examine its true nature and think of problems you might ran into after purchasing one. Know the advantages and disadvantages!


1. Let's start with the obvious. Like stated in the introduction, audio books are there for busy people to be able to listen to their favourite books or necessary readings.

Face it. If you are a book-lover leading a demanding life, the tendency is you get frustrated of not having enough time to read all the books that you want. Try to inject some fun into your hectic schedule by finally finishing a book while completing all your tasks at the same time. Very fulfilling, isn't it?

2. Children love to listen to their parents' bedtime stories. The problem is, sometimes, parents will be too tired to read to their children, what with the tiresome day at work. Try getting an audio book of your child's favourite story. There are some audio books which are fully dramatized, so there are more emotions involved.

3. Blind people and dyslexics can definitely benefit from audio books. Besides, there are only a few best-sellers that have a version for the blind which uses Braille, so you are really better off with audio books.

4. Studying has never been effective with audio books. Try studying using audio books and reading the book at the same time. You will find that you will understand the topic more this way. An unabridged audio book version of the book is the best.


1. The problem with audio books is that the durability is a lot lesser, especially in the cases of cassette tapes and CD's. They could easily be damaged with wear, tear and scratches compared to books.

I always have my CDs backed up on my computer, Windows Media Player is fine for this with the RIP function. I can then also put the chapters on my mp3 player easily.

2. Some downloaded versions can eat up a lot of computer memory storage. So before getting one from a website, check your computer's memory firsthand.

3. The size of audio books is also an inconvenience. There is a bigger tendency to lose them. You can lose cassette tapes and even CD's. The risk is even higher if you forget to label them.

If you just store audio books in mp3 formats in your computer, then you could lose them if you decide to re-format your computer, most especially if you forget to transfer them to another medium.

About the author:
James Brown writes about computerbooksdirect.co.uk coupon code, Bookplace.co.uk promo code
James Brown
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