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Early Intervention Games
Early Intervention Games

Early Intervention Games: Fun, Joyful Ways to Develop Social and Motor Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum or Sensory Processing Disorders.
By Barbara Sher

A resource of fun games for parents or teachers to help young children learn social and motor skills Barbara Sher, an expert occupational therapist and teacher, has written a handy resource filled with games to play with young children who have Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or other sensory processing disorders (SPD). The games are designed to help children feel comfortable in social situations and teach other basic lessons including beginning and end, spatial relationships, hand-eye coordination, and more. Games can also be used in regular classrooms to encourage inclusion.

A collection of fun, simple games that can improve the lives of children with ASD or other SPDs. Games can be played by parents or teachers and with individual children or groups. Games are designed to make children more comfortable in social situations and to develop motor and language skills Also included are a variety of interactive games to play in water, whether in a backyard kiddie pool, community swimming pool, or lake All the games are easy-to-do, utilizing common, inexpensive materials, and include several variations and modifications

From the Back Cover
Early Intervention Games Children identified with Autism Spectrum or Sensory Processing Disorders are often perceived as needing to be 'fixed.' However, recent research suggests that what we need to do instead is play with them and help them find the joy in interacting with others.

In Early Intervention Games, expert occupational therapist Barbara Sher provides a wide selection of fun and novel games to do at home or in the classroom, including a variety of games to play in water. This indispensable resource can help these unique children enhance and increase their social, motor, and sensory skills. Each game explains the lessons playfully learned and ways of modifying the games so that everyone, regardless of skill level and sensibility, can play along.

Neuroscientists now know that playing is a profound biological process that shapes and enlarges the brain; but from the children's view, it just feels good to have fun. Enjoy the positive interaction with the children in your life that you'll discover in Early Intervention Games. Praise for Early Intervention Games ' Early Intervention Games brims with sparkling ideas to help children learn the pleasures of engaging in back and forth play. Barbara's warm advice and cool activities invite us to dive right in!' - Carol Kranowitz , author of The Out-of-Sync Child 'Barbara Sher is gifted in her ability to weave therapy into play while deeply respecting the strengths and uniqueness of each child.

In this book, she artfully explains how everyone can support challenged children through brilliantly creative yet practical, low-budget games. Her gentle, welcoming ways pull out the best in children as she shows us how to playfully play.' - Mary Sue Williams , co-author of How Does Your Engine Run? Alert Program for Self-Regulation ' Early Intervention Games takes a unique approach with its emphasis on playful activities. Barbara Sher′s games and ideas are simple, fun, and wonderful tools for therapists working with children who have Sensory Processing or Autism Spectrum Disorders.' -Dr. Lucy Jane Miller Ph.D., OTR, executive director, Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation and author of Sensational Kids

About the Author
Barbara Sher , M.A., O.T.R., has more than 30 years experience as a teacher and occupational therapist, specializing in paediatrics. She conducts workshops for parents, teachers, therapists, and children around the world, and is the author of nine books, including Attention Games, Self-Esteem Games, and Extraordinary Play with Ordinary Things, which have been translated into eight languages.

Great Resource for encouraging Social Interaction
This book is a great resource for professionals or parents working with children identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Sensory Processing Disorder.

It is an easy read and has a lot of fun ideas to help motivate children to socially connect. It is a helpful resource book for those practising RDI, Floortime, Son-Rise, and other interventions like these, which focus on social interaction.

Instead of looking at the children from a 'label' perspective, Barbara looks at them as children, and gives some valuable ways in to encourage social interaction which is so hard and gives a way at the same time to build skills such as fine and gross motor,and language. She is very in tune with the child's world and has a very great understanding of their perceptual strengths and difficulties.

Highly recommended.

Autism Games
This is a great book with wonderful ideas for games with Children with Autism. My Cameron has autism and we have great fun in his playroom using the games from this book. Well worth the purchase

Brilliantly simple ideas
Loads of fantastic ideas for play-based 'therapy' to get ASD kids interacting with 'normal' kids, with everyone having a lot of fun. The games all use readily available things (like shoes and water!) and are clearly explained, including what particular issue(s) each game addresses. I haven't tried out any games yet, but it seems so easy that even 'just' a parent like me should be able to make a go of it!
Barbara Sher
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