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   Health > Ailments > The Most Common Type
The Most Common Types of Diabetes

People are getting affected with diabetes. But, most of them do not know the type of diabetes, which they are affected by. As a patient suffering from this syndrome, it is your right to know the type of diabetes caused within you. This article would help you to get an overall idea about the main types of this syndrome among the patients.

Type 1 Diabetes

This is the type, which is seen among the born babies and the children of early age. It is a miserable fact that most of the children are affected by diabetes from their childhood age onwards. The autoimmune system in the body attacks the beta cells in the pancreas, which produces the insulin hormone. Insulin is the hormone which converts the glucose from the food we consume into energy for the body cells. In some people, the insulin hormone is not working from the birth.

Sometimes, the body cells resist the insulin functioning. This is commonly known as insulin resistance. The patients suffering from this cannot survive without insulin. For this reason, the diabetic affected from this is commonly known as insulin dependants.

As this is seen among the individuals of childhood, this type is also known as Juvenile diabetes. There is no particular or specific cure for this. There are many surgical operations for this type such as pancreas transplantation, islet cell transplantation etc. But, the chance of its success is comparatively lower and much risky.

Type two Diabetes

This type is mostly seen among the adults. Therefore, the diabetic affected by this are commonly known as adult onset diabetes. During a particular stage, the insulin stops functioning, as a result the glucose content in the body becomes excess without any transformation of energy towards the cells. The main reason for this type getting affected among adults is because of the lack of daily exercise and a nutritional diet.

The initial stage of this type is known as Prediabetes. Like the type of one, the diabetic caused with type two are not insulin dependents. It is not important for them to have the insulin daily to survive. But, when not given adequate care to control the sugar level, the patient may become an insulin dependent one. Commonly, the patients affected from this category are non insulin dependent.

The main step to fight against this category is to take daily exercise, nutritional diet and medicines for it, based on the prescription of the doctor consulting diabetics. You can detect, whether you are diabetic of this type by the symptoms like intense thirst and hunger, frequent urination, fatigue and obesity etc. If you find any of these experiences in you, then do not wait for further moment for consulting the doctor. Consult soon!

Gestational diabetes

This is a type seen among the pregnant women in the second trimester of their pregnancy. Mostly, this type alleviates soon after the delivery. In some cases, this type continues in the life of the mother as well as the new born baby. The reason for this type to develop among the pregnant women is that a hormonal change occurs in the body of women blocks the functioning of insulin. Therefore, the glucose level in the body gets access and the pregnant women become diabetic.

Most of the people say that there is a type of diabetes which comes in the category of a genetic cause, but there is no sufficient evidence or proof to prove it by the researchers. Search on the internet or ask the professionals in this subject to know more information about the different types of this syndrome.

About the Author:
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Athul Raj
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