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   Your Stories > Stories of interest > Encourage the Child
Encourage the Child While Dealing With Disability

Children add life to a family with their laughs, cries and shouts. Each and every parent and well-wisher wants them to grow as a sensible and responsible person which can be imparted through education. But unfortunately sometimes, kids may have some sort of disability, which can hinder their learning process. It is essential not to panic and look for appropriate solutions in that case. There are number of learning disabilities which affects different aspects of the kid's life, however, it does not mean that the kid is dumb.

Kids with disabilities are as normal as other kids, it is just that their learning process is a bit slower and they require more time to understand and learn things. Disability may be of reading, writing, speaking or problem with arithmetic calculations. It is essential to give them the right guidance, patience and love whether as a parent or a mentor so that it does not hurt their self-esteem and they enjoy learning. There are several institutions for Learning Disability in New Jersey who can assist and guide you. However, following are the essentials to keep in mind for dealing with the disability of the kids:

Be Kind and Patient: As a parent or a mentor, it is important for you understand that learning ability and interests of children vary from one another. Find out fresh and innovative ideas so that the kid builds interest in learning. All the time worrying and stress will only harm you and the kid will become irritated. Acknowledgement and patience is the right key to deal with disabilities. You may have to start with ABC but it will prove to be valuable in future.

Give Way to His Interests and Strengths: Disability can happen to anybody and it is hard to understand the fact as a kid and hence it is on you how to teach them. It is good to identify the interests and strengths and to make them even stronger so that the kid is encouraged to do more and to learn more.

Impatience and scolding can hurt the child and hence the results will be undesired. Always making them to do tasks that they cannot do, will not be beneficial, this may involve writing, or solving mathematics problems. The disabilities should be left for sometime as they are not the only thing you may want them to excel in.

Help and Protect the Kid: At times, the disability may also come in notice of other people, which may unintentionally discourage the child. For such situations, you should always be present as a supporter so that the child does not losses his confidence. You yourself have to change a bit, let the community and the well wishers know about the same, so that they can also help the kid to learn in a better way and improve.

You as a Tutor: Understanding and sympathizing is different, but it is also required that you actively take part in learning of the child. Do not just leave your kid on others, act as a teacher as well as parent and help the child in learning while being in the comfort of his loved ones. New Jersey Learning Disability institutions are the right one to look for the necessary guidance and help.

About the Author:
Eblcoaching.com specialize in diagnostic and tutorial plans for various forms of Learning Disability New Jersey such as problem in reading & writing instructions, Study skills, and ADD/ADHD etc. To know about them and their programs, feel free to log on to http://www.eblcoaching.com.
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disabled holiday information
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