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Different Learning Disabilities That Have Been Diagnosed in Students

You probably would think that students with learning disabilities are not capable of grasping information. But the truth is learning disabled kids are normal. It is just that they learn in a different manner as compared to a typical student.

There are various types of learning disabilities, and three of them are listed below.

Dyslexia. This is also referred to as developmental reading disorder, and by the term, you can guess how this condition affects a student. Those with dyslexia experience troubles processing information due to their brains' inability to properly recognize symbols. Dyslexia has nothing to do with poor eyesight though, and patients are not also dumb. They have an average IQ and some even go beyond. This reading disability may also involve writing and math learning difficulties.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is hard to tell whether the child has ADHD because kids, by nature, are hyperactive. It takes months of observation before one can be diagnosed. Experts are still studying the specific causes of ADHD although some factors have already been cited, such as ADHD being a hereditary condition, and being less active of that part in the brain that has something to do with sustaining attention. ADHD patients have troubles working on quiet tasks or those that do not involve interaction with their peers, like writing course works. They also talk non-stop, and could let out their thoughts without restraints.

Attention Deficit Disorder. A subtype of ADHD, Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD is characterized by the lack of attention, tendencies of forgetfulness and procrastination. Children diagnosed with ADD are also likely to fear group activities or long-term tasks that require great deal of focus. Because of this, they are often perceived as lazy or irresponsible, especially by those who are not aware about the symptoms of the disorder. Students with ADD should be given proper treatment otherwise they will age with low self-esteem and poor social skills, which can be attributed to their frequent acceptance of negative feedback.

Although there is no cure yet, these disorders can be managed and controlled. The treatments that could be laid for each case are multi-faceted. Some academic institutions such as the Vermont-based Landmark College offer specific programs for learning disabled students.

Common symptoms of learning disabilities
Learning disabilities are not diseases. They are conditions. And as several studies put it, learning disabled students have brains that are wired differently.

Some find out that they have learning disabilities early on, while some find out about it too late. The usual signs that the students has learning disabilities have been already identified. Help yourself to the checklist below.

- struggles with telling stories in chronological order
- fails to observe conversation etiquette such as distancing yourself from the listener, and waiting for your turn to speak
- experiences spelling difficulties
- struggles with translating thoughts to writing
- finds it hard to absorb jokes or humour
- commits mistakes when reading aloud, fails to notice they are repeating parts and makes unnecessary pauses
- confuses words that sound familiar, as well as numbers and math symbols

Note though that the student may not manifest all these.

Few more tips
If you have learning disabilities, discuss the issue with your professor so you can be given appropriate assistance. It is also imperative that you present documentations to back up health concerns you are disclosing.

Your professor might be able to refer you to university programs that are specially designed to cater to learning disabled students. Do not by shy about admitting your case.

Have faith in yourself. Your condition is not a reason for you to stop aspiring. If you really want to earn that college diploma, there's always a way you can do so.

About the Author:
Peter Bamper is a freelance essay writer online. To him, writing essays is not just any typical endeavour. It involves skills that one can use in building professional career, and hence should not be taken for granted. During his spare time, Peter also volunteers as a tutor to budding young writers.
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