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Integrated systems for an integrated lifestyle
Integrated systems for an integrated lifestyle
Integrated systems for an integrated lifestyle

It is with great pleasure that Best Practice dedicates the highly prestigious and industry acclaimed Commitment to Excellence to LEPMIS.

Established in July 2005, LEPMIS (Long Eaton Powered Mobility Integration Service) is an independent assessment and engineering service for people with moderate to severe disabilities who require specialised adaptations in order to access computer game consoles and other assistive technology.

LEPMIS recently placed third in the new product of the year category for their one handed controller - Orthros, at the NEC Naidex Show, the UK's premier event for inspirational independent living, receiving a mass of interest from potential clients in return.

Geoff Harbach, the founder of LEPMIS, has over 18 years of experience working with disabled people, providing special controls for powered mobility and assistive technology. Geoff felt there was little support within the NHS for disabled people who wanted computer game console access, so starting his own company allowed him to create for disabled gamers, a range of innovative products that provided access to gaming again.

LEPMIS has established numerous products that can aid the less able when playing on the latest high-performance games and entertainment consoles.

LEPMIS' core product- the PlayStation 3 Switch Access Pod (PS3-SAP) is designed to replace the Sony PS3 全ixaxis' or 船ualShock' controller and allows ordinary disability switches full access to all the functions of your PlayStation 3 through seventeen 3.5mm sockets (one for each button) and two 9 way 船' type connectors for the joystick inputs.

Both joystick inputs accept true analogue proportional potentiometers or use 4 of your switches via an optional PS3-4SAPA adapter. Alternatively, LEPMIS can supply wide range of high quality joysticks and switches that suit your individual needs.

The PS3-SAP has its own press buttons for Select, Start and PS, making it easier to set up your games. The device runs from the USB port on your PS3 so there is no need to worry about charging the controller battery. The and carries the CE marking for the Medical Devices Directive. The user inputs are all electrically isolated from the PlayStation electronics for full protection to the user and the PlayStation. Using adapters, the PS3-SAP can also be used on the Xbox 360 and most PCs.

If you have a congenital limb deficiency or have suffered a traumatic injury which means you can only use one hand, the standard Sony 全ixaxis' or 船ualShock' two hand controller is a real barrier to playing the latest games. The award-winning LEPMIS Orthros one hand controller provides the solution, offering full control of the Sony PlayStation 3 when connected via the PS3-SAP interface.

Orthros offers all seventeen switches found on the standard controller - and all accessible on the one unit by the thumb and fingers of one hand. It also includes both analogue joysticks, one located underneath the controller which is activated by resting it on a surface and moving the whole controller around, and the other on the top which is activated using the thumb.

This can be combined with other LEPMIS accessories to maximise your gaming potential. For example, the unique tilt angle sensor joysticks with their small and lightweight design were developed for people with extremely limited arm function or grip, but who can accurately incline the tilt sensor with their head or other body part.

Orthros is now available from LEPMIS' e-sales site (www.shop.lepmis.co.uk) alongside all of their other revolutionary products. Priding themselves on the high quality and accessibility of their products, LEPMIS are currently hard at work on developing new solutions as well as reducing the cost on their existing designs.

In order to assist potential purchasers, there are a number of videos of their products on YouTube. Just search for LEPMIS. Additionally, you can request a preliminary SKYPE assessment to get a feel for what might be possible, or a personalised assessment with Geoff in your own home or place of your choosing (depending upon location), where you can try out their range of accessories to see which are right for you.

In addition to the gaming solutions, LEPMIS has clinical assessment abilities in Rehabilitation Engineering, Postural Management and Special Seating techniques. In combination with their skills in medical electronics, EMC, product design, and fabrication, this helps provide a one-stop custom-made disability engineering solution.

LEPMIS also provide consultancy to users and manufacturers on regulatory standards within the Medical Devices Directive, and can also assess your current equipment and report on how to solve on-going disputes.

For more information on LEPMIS please call 0771 495 8061 or visit www.lepmis.co.uk
Geoff Harbach
disabled equipment disabled aids disabled equipment
disabled equipment
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disabled holiday information
disabled equipment
disabled equipment
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