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Important Things To Consider When Choosing the Right Rise and Recline Chair

Also known as the rise recliner and the electric riser recliner, the rise and recline chair provides a great deal of help to individuals having difficulties in getting in and out of chairs with ease. This can be caused by mobility-related problems such as arthritis and back pains among others. Although most models of rise and recliner chairs will already be adequate for most needs, buying one should still involve a great bit of diligence. As such, hereunder are some important things to consider when choosing the right rise and recline chair:

1. Single Motors vs. Dual Motors - Technically, single motors are designed to operate in such a way that when the backrest is inclined, the footrest will automatically lift up and vice versa. For individuals who just want a simple-to-operate rise recliner that can already serve their needs, single motors can be a good choice. On the other hand, dual motors, have backrests and footrests that move independently with each other via separate motors, giving it more flexibility, although at a higher price.

However, there are a lot of buyers who are still struggling to come to terms between the flexibility of dual motors and the simplicity of operations of the single motors and their lower price. The general rule is, if one can afford it, the dual motor will almost always be the better choice.

2. Wall-hugging feature - Rise recliners having a wall-hugging feature simply enables the chair to move forward as the backseat reclines, and as such, do not need a lot of space. Rise recliners not having this feature will have the tendency to burn-out the motor as it struggles to push against the wall when the backseat is reclining.

3. Anti-Trap Mechanism - An anti-trap mechanism is, perhaps, the most important safety feature a rise recliner should have; however, not all rise recliners have this mechanism as a standard feature. This mechanism, activated by sensors, is designed to instantly stop the operation of the rise recliner should something get caught in-between the chair's mechanism, which can prove essential when children and pets are playing around.

4. Battery backup - Power outage occurrences may be rare in some areas, but it doesn't mean that they won't happen at any given time. In many instances, power outages happen at the worst possible time and when they're least expected. Because of this, battery backup is a good feature to have. Although it would only be good for three or four lift action, at least one wouldn't get stuck in an awkward position when power is cut all of a sudden. It's certainly better to have this feature when you don't need it rather than not have it when you really need it.

5. Tilt-in-Space Feature - Otherwise called as the anti-shear feature, a riser recliner having this feature means that its recline action can also be done a tilt-in-space manner, which means that the seat and backrest will maintain the same angle with each other when reclining. Without this feature, the 'shearing' effect, resulting from the independent movement of the backrest from the seat, can make an individual uncomfortable and uneasy during the recline motion.

6. Fit - A right-fitting rise recliner will provide the maximum levels of comfort and support to the user; hence, it is essential that one should know how to get the right measurements of the seat depth, seat height and seat width.

First, having the right seat depth means that there is an approximately a two-inch distance behind the back of the knees and the seat's edge when sitting down on the rise recliner. Second, having the right seat height means that the thighs and knees should be at a right angle position with the feet laying flat on the floor. Finally, the right seat width is the width of the person sitting on the riser recliner with a fully-clenched fist on either side.
Frank Barnes
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