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disabled equipment disabled aids disabled equipment
   Out of the home > Products > Disability Scooters
Disability Scooters - A Ray of Hope For The Challenged

A disability scooter refers to a motor scooter that serves the same purpose as a wheelchair. It is designed especially for the benefit of the disabled, who find it hard to go about their lives in a normal way. It is a mobility aid that is similar to a wheelchair but crafted like a motor scooter, and it is also known as a mobility scooter, a power-operated scooter, and an electric scooter.

Why Use A Disability Scooter?

There are various advantages of using a disability scooter. The five factors that define the usability of such scooters are safety, comfort, agility, reliability, and value for money.


Some of the best mobility scooters come with high end technology, and these scooters make use of the best features of both three and four wheelers. The well designed saddles provide the best possible anatomical driving position, along with utmost stability while driving. Secondly, the scooters feature self-centered steering, which ensures that patients just need to put in a little bit of effort while taking turns, traversing a slope, or hill climbing. Moreover, it incorporates balanced weight distribution across the entire scooter.


The top notch disability scooters are excellent when it comes to comfort as well. They provide an ideal anatomical driving position through the multi-user posture control feature.

Secondly, they provide comfort plus seating with adjustable height, width, and depth. These scooters offer extra legroom, as two floating foot-plates are provided for independent adjustment in multiple planes. This ensures that drivers can enjoy a natural and comfortable ride. The adjustable tiller allows people to comfortably place the steering controls exactly where they want them. Lastly, the two independent scooter suspension systems work in conjunction with each other to enhance the comfort levels during the ride.


You should look for disability scooters that offer swift cornering and real life manoeuvrability. These scooters are easy to use, and can be easily transported if you need to go on a long journey. It is easy to disassemble the scooter and take it with you. All this is possible because of the unique technology that's used while manufacturing these scooters. These scooters are quick to recharge and economical. So, on a single charge, you can travel between 10 to 42 miles.


Reliability is another reason why you should opt for branded disability scooters. The best ones offer peace of mind, besides a safe and comfortable drive. All these scooters come with a comprehensive year's warranty. These scooters have been certified for proven safety and quality, so users don't have to worry about these aspects. Users are also given complete customer service by trained engineers, so that the scooter is assembled in accordance with their requirements. These scooters require minimal maintenance.

Users just need to make sure that the tyres and batteries are maintained according to the user manual.

Value For Money

These scooters are available at different prices. You can choose one as per your requirement and budget and invest in a peaceful, comfortable, and safer tomorrow.

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disabled equipment
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disabled equipment
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disabled holiday information
disabled equipment
disabled equipment
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