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   Your Stories > Stories of interest > A Mobility Scooter c
A Mobility Scooter comes to Stay - Part 5

Now then, what to do about the knotty problem of walking-stick storage whilst riding? Since the seat bag pockets were torn it had become a more significant issue, and one I confess which had not occurred to me prior to scooter purchase.

We did not find quite so many novel solutions to this as we had for the scooter garages. However I still feel that the one we eventually selected was, and is, the best. I find that the pages of that most ubiquitous of internet institutions, eBay, are invariably informative on most things you might want to buy. A simple ploy used by increasing numbers of internet shopkeepers is to place a loss-leader auction on eBay in the reasonable expectation that you might find your way to their internet shop site. Various devices are used to get around eBay's rules forbidding direct advertising for this sort of thing. But the items themselves are often, necessarily, a real bargain.

So it transpired with our walking stick holder. It fits straight in to a hidden socket at the back of the seat chassis. Apparently this socket, and therefore the seat chassis, is used by almost all mobility scooters.

Basically it consists two lengths of box section steel, welded together to form a right-angle. On to this is bolted two plastic pipes of sufficient diameter for even the larger NHS ferules to fit into.

only one stick, and secured at the top by yet another chunk of velcro

In this photo you see only one stick, and secured at the top by yet another chunk of velcro .. I say 'yet another chunk', because the fibreglass body of the scooter and all of the bags in the 'starter pack' employ velcro similarly.

We 'won' our eBay auction for this item at £32, all-in. As far as we are concerned it was a bargain. The chap who makes/markets this device is Steve, and his web site is here...


Having discovered that the pseudo-medical puff and gushing 'concern' for the patient expressed on scooter sellers web sites, and in their blurb, most often directly relates to the price you are asked to pay .. the more they puff - the more you pay .. we felt compelled to embark upon this little study.

As more of the real truth emerged and, for example, we learned that manufacturers were in fact nothing of the kind and that all scooters are really imported from china, we felt that sharing our experience might save at least one of our readers from an extremely expensive mistake. Generally speaking, unless you have a dealer who's showroom you can get to, then you need to try to find scooters and riders in your vicinity and talk to them. We encountered one 'dealer' who traded from a large transit van. The idea is a good one .. to bring scooters to your door for you to try there and then. However there was a price to pay for this.

After an unsuccessful encounter with a Shoprider Cordoba, in which we were fortunate enough NOT to have been lumbered with a scooter which I could not use, we called a number in an advert which was printed in our local fish and chip wrapper .. local paper. As a rule you find more truth in the cod or haddock which this journalistic and grammatical nightmare is protecting from the cold, than is ever writ upon it's pages, however a concerned friend (who actually buys this paper) had spotted the advert and passed it across. There seemed little to lose.

Like car dealers, these scooter dealers have their 'favourites'. Frequently you will find, if you can research a bit, that the dealer's preference has more to do with the dealer's margin than the particular suitability of the scooter .. call me an old cynic if you like .. but you can soon acquire enough information on-line to make a properly informed decision. This 'dealer's choice', in our case, was the Mercury M48GT. The basic 39 stones weight specification actually exceeded that of the Cordoba, which is 32 stones. Other than that, there appears to be little to choose between the two aside from cosmetic difference.

I recited the experience that we had with the Cordoba to this dealer during our initial contact phone call. How virtually at the last minute we all made the shattering discovery that I could not fit my legs in without incurring a bend at the knee which was not sustainable. He appeared convinced that his selection would still be an improvement, and so we fixed an appointment for him to call .. some ten days hence.

Understandably perhaps, and since I think he was actually covering a greater area than just the circulation area of our 'local rag', he said that he was fully booked with appointments and could not fit us in any sooner. This actually gave us time to research further and to make particular enquiries about the M48GT specifically.

The day arrived and so did this dealer, his transit van (mobile showroom forsooth!), and his 'demonstrator model' Mercury M48GT . Although the scooter was from a different 'manufacturer', and they had paid Bill Maynard (who played the character of Claud Greengrass from earlier episodes in the Television series Heartbeat) to endorse the Scooter, and the design was certainly different, the fundamental problem for me remained precisely the same .. not enough leg-room.

In an effort to induce a sale where it was becoming increasingly clear that there was not going to be one, the dealer inadvertently shot himself clean through the foot. He would do us a special price on this .. his demonstrator. Only £2,500 to us. On usual full price of £3,300 and some, this represented a 'saving' of some £800.

The Mercury M48GT

The Mercury M48GT


No doubt to his usual prey .. sorry .. customers, this would have been quite an inducement. Unfortunately for him we are prolific internet users, and our researches had turned up the same scooter, brand new in the box and including delivery charge, for 25 change out of 2,100.

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John. L. Masterman
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