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DisabledInfo.co.uk - offering practical advice and information for the disabled from the disabled
DisabledInfo.co.uk offers advice and information for the disabled from the disabled
disabled holiday information
disabled holiday information
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   Travel > Holidays > Accessible Italy
Accessible Italy
Accessible Italy
Accessible Italy
Accessible Italy
Accessible Italy
Accessible Italy

Accessible Italy has been organizing tours and tourism services for individuals with disabilities since 1995.

Accessible Italy is A Non-Profit Body that is busy with helping foreign tourists with disabilities to plan their Italian holidays.

The staff at Accessible Italy has been working for many years with Italian children and adults with disabilities. In recent years, our staff has recognized the great difficulty individuals with disabilities encounter when travelling around Italy for tourism and enjoyment. Therefore, Accessible Italy has decided to help improve Italian structures and the accessibility of its museums, monuments and places of interest. We will invest a portion of the proceeds from our tourists towards these improvements. Accessible Italy will begin by improving some of the most important monuments and churches found within the city of Florence that are currently not accessible. We will publicize the most recent advances in our field throughout Italian and foreign magazines as a way of personally thanking our travelers for making Italy a more accessible place to visit.

Accessible Holidays

Italy is the ideal holiday destination for all, also for the people with any kind of disability. They love to go on excursions alone or group wise. That's why Accessible Italy Dept provides you tailor-made tours & excursions for people who likes to have their own way, and with pre-organized tours & excursions within everyone's reach.
Accessible Italy Dept is also specialized in the research of new accessible hotels and holiday houses located all around Italy.

Disabled Equipment

If you are a wheelchair user, it is very uncomfortable to bring your own wheelchair from so far…that's why Accessible Italy Dept gives you the opportunity to find a manual wheelchair directly at the place of your stay at your arrival! Wheelchair rental is until your departure, when you won't have to think about anything, because we will take care about the redelivery of the wheelchair to the rental shop.

Available equipment:

• Manual wheelchair: in Rome, Florence, Siena, Bologna, Parma, Bergamo, Sorrento, Milan, Como, Garda lake and Venice too!
• Electric wheelchair: in Rome and Como
• Electric scooter: in Rome and Como

Services During Your Accessible Holidays

Accessible Italy Dept provides advices about accessibility and about Italy.

One of Accessible Italy Dept aim is to acquaint you with the accessibility and facilities information relating to the most famous monuments, churches and museums in all Italian cities of artistic and cultural interest.

As we wish to make easier the organization of your trips, we offer you different services for your holidays.

• Restaurants
• Transports
• Museums & Events

Evening events and accessible seating to concerts, ballets, operas, local pubs, sports events ..

Tickets entrance to museums to avoid to stand in line and for Leonard da Vinci Last Supper booking 6 months before visit. Please, remember to bring with you a card or medical certificate (if you have one) confirming your Invalidity.

• Assistant/Nurse/Personal shopper/teacher for cooking or Italian courses/wine tasting
• Special treatment in thermal spa
Such as massages, facials, hydrotherapy, gyms, etc.

Accessibility In Italy

When? Where?

Italy is usually visited for its incredible art cities its beautiful countryside and its marvellous coasts. How to choose your destination and your period?

If you come to Italy for the first time and if you like History and/or art you can't miss the art cities. If you have time, we advise you to do an accessible tour of Italy including the Eternal Rome, Florence and Venice. If your stay is shorter, better to choose one or 2 of those cities. The access between them is good by road or by accessible train but do not forget that they are not so close!

If you wish to visit these cities, you must take in consideration that high season is during the autumn and spring.

For the nature, tradition & gastronomy lovers, I would prefer advise a stay in an agritourism or villa in the famous Tuscany, the Lakes and the islands. High season is in summer in these areas.

Italy is at its best in spring (April-May) and autumn (October-November). During these seasons, the scenery is beautiful, the temperatures are pleasant and there are relatively few crowds.

If you wish to discover the South of Italy, take care of booking really in advance your holidays. High season is summer and the prices of the accommodations are more expensive than in North of Italy.

Our staff will be happy to give you advices about facilities and suggestions of different kind of accommodations near accessible beaches
Accessible Italy
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disabled holiday information
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