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New effective treatments in multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is quite difficult to be diagnosed because its symptoms vary according with its stages. In young people multiple sclerosis occurs with the following symptoms: blurred vision, suddenly double vision and movement problems and abnormal sensations in scattered parts of the body.

AIDS, lupus, arteritis, hereditary ataxias, Guillain-Barr syndrome, Lyme disease, a cyst in the spinal cord are the diseases with which differential diagnosis must be done so as to clarify the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. To perform various tests samples of cerebrospinal fluid are needed.

In multiple sclerosis the antibodies concentration in the cerebrospinal fluid is high, the white blood cell count and protein content of the fluid may be higher. MRI or magnetic resonance imaging is the best procedure to detect multiple sclerosis and confirms the diagnosis, helps detecting the areas of active inflammation and demyelination.

In multiple sclerosis the brains response to the stimuli such as: flashing lights and other sensory stimuli are slow because of the interrupted conduction through demyelinated nerve fibres.


Early treatment is very important because the brain is not damaged entirely and physical disability can be slowed in its progression. Learn from your doctor about optional therapies and any possible ways of getting your life improved. The most used
treatment in multiple sclerosis were corticosteroids, for example Meticorten. But they do not stop the progression of the disability. For people who have affected the optic nerve corticosteroids are given intravenously. If used for a long time corticosteroids have many side effects such as: ulcers, weight gain, diabetes, fatigue, decreased bone density. Other treatments are: interferon-beta Betaseron injections, Rebif, Avonex that reduce the frequency relapses and help prevent the later disability.

There are available the following products: acetate injections Copaxone, Novantrone which can reduce the relapses and the progression of the disease. Interferons and gamma globulins intervene in the destruction of the myelin and destroy the abnormal antibodies. For relieving the pain propanolol is used. To reduce the tremor doctors prescribe Inderal, Symmetrel to relieve the fatigue, to treat depression Endep, Elavil and Zoloft.

It is important to maintain an active lifestyle with physical exercises such as: riding a stationary bicycle, swimming, walking, stretching that reduces spasticity and maintain a muscular, cardiovascular, psychological health. Do not expose yourself at high temperatures and do not have hot baths or showers. In choosing a multiple sclerosis treatment one should consider effectiveness, side effects and convenience because
multiple sclerosis is a long life disease. Ask your doctor about the risks and benefits your treatment provides you safety, side effects, ease of use. Changes in your life style have great effect, in treating multiple sclerosis so try to exercise, keep a diet.

About the author:
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Groshan Fabiola
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