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   Your Stories > Stories of interest > ADHD Resources - The
ADHD Resources - The Smart Parent's Guide to Getting Help For Your Child

If you're looking for ADHD resources, there are plenty of trusted information sources online. In this article, you'll learn about how to find information when you need it, so you can get your child the best help available.

Online ADHD Resources

There are many helpful websites that are dedicated to the topic of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Some of these web sites offer articles on different topics, others are non-profit organizations and others are forums where parents discuss the challenges and triumphs of raising a child with ADHD.

Parenting-child-development.com has an excellent forum and resources dedicated to ADHD. Cafemom.com also has an active forum. Treating-adhd-naturally.com is a site that looks at the benefits of natural remedies and a good diet to reduce the symptoms of ADHD without drugs. Drug companies host sites and forums that provide more information about their products. There are also sites hosted by the FDA and the CDC. The National Resource Centre on ADHD is another excellent site. To find these sites, just type appropriate keywords into the search engines.

Education and Civil Rights

Since children with ADHD have a learning disability, access to special education services is a right. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act guarantees this. If you are a parent with an ADHD child in the public school system is important to read up on this act, so you know what resources are available for your child. To learn more, go to the Department of Education and download their resource guide. This is a must for parents of kids with learning disabilities and developmental disorders.

Natural Alternative ADHD Resources

If you've read the concerns posted in many of the ADHD forums, you will see parents who are troubled about the side effects of giving their children ADHD drugs. Since all drugs have side effects, it doesn't seem to matter which drug their kids are taking. Natural remedies are a viable alternative to drugs and have been proven effective in clinical trials to reduce symptoms without side effects. These supplements are typically FDA approved and have a restorative effect on the brain, so eventually your child can stop taking them. Many parents consider a good diet and natural remedies the best ADHD resources available today because they actually restore proper brain function, rather than just suppress the symptoms.

DHD Resources: Behaviour Modification

Behavioural modification creates observable changes in behaviour. Since ADHD is diagnosed based on behaviour, it makes sense that teaching kids skills that show them how to focus even when faced with distractions is an important part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Rather than take your child to a therapist, you can get an at-home program, so you can teach your child these skills yourself in the comfort and privacy of your home. There are also behavioural programs specifically designed for kids who display more aggressive behaviours like chronic disrespect, acting out and defiance.

About the author: Laura Ramirez is a researcher who writes articles on the treating ADHD naturally with behavioural therapy and natural remedies. Browse her findings at www.treating-adhd-naturally.com.
Laura Ramirez
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