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   Your Stories > Stories of interest > ADHD Symptoms
ADHD Symptoms

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (previously known as ADD or ADHD) as a disease is rapidly gaining ground. The number of people suffering from this disease, especially children and youngsters is rising rapidly. Some medical praticioners insist that the rise in cases is a direct result of better education and thus early diagnosis. Other medical practicioners will have you believe that the rise in the number of ADHD diagnosed suffers is due to increasing levels of toxins and pollutants in our air and food.

With the medical profession arguing amongst itself as to the causes and cures of this illness what is the average parent to do. The first step is probably one of education i.e. parents must educate themselves as to the nature of this illness and the first place to start is the symptoms.

ADHD Checklist of possible symptoms:

The ADHD Checklist is mainly an instrument in determining the exact nature, degree and the impact of the disease on an individual. However please don't be surprised if your initial reaction to this list is to think but this describes most children. That was my reaction too. And this is a huge problem with ADHD and similar illnesses. There are no 'medical' tests, well certainly not free available ones so the diagnosis of ADHD is subjective, it is based on opinions;' that of the parents, the medical practitioner, the child's teacher etc. It goes some way to explaining why a child badly affected by ADHD who has a saint for a mother and an angel for a teacher is less likely to be diagnosed than a child who may be less affected by their 'ADHD' but has a stressed out mother and overworked teacher. (I think my child may have suffered as a result of having a stressed out working mother who was on antidepressants and struggling to cope!)

What does the ADHD Checklist Include?

The ADHD checklist for children includes the following points' as most ADHD sufferers tend to be male ' I have used him for ease:

a) A child who is always restless and always raring to go.
b) He does not listen and pays no heed to his parents or to his teachers.
c) He lacks the ability to concentrate even for a short span of time.
d) He is extremely fidgety, restless and unable to sit still.
e) A child/ youngster suffering from ADHD takes risks easily and does not consider the consequences of his actions.
f) He can be very talkative and blurts out everything.
g) A person suffering from ADHD can be easily distracted and thus finds it difficult to complete any tasks assigned to him.

It is hopefully apparent now why so many children are misdiagnosed ' either as having the illness when they don't or not having it when they do. What parent can honestly say that their own child wouldn't fall into many if not all of the above categories at some stage in the parenting cycle?

The official ADHD checklist for adults includes the following points:

a) An adult can suffer from ADHD if he has suffered from hyperactivity and restlessness in his childhood.
b) Any Adult suffering from the symptoms described above in the children's section.
c) An adult suffering from ADHD shows inconsistent performance, decreasing work productivity and incomplete projects.
d) Also such individuals get frustrated very easily and show signs of nervousness and hypertension.
e) Adult ADHD sufferers can find it extremely difficult to maintain close and intimate relationships.
f) They are constantly in search of activities that stimulate them.
g) They also suffer from bouts of depression and low energy levels.
h) They lack organizational skills and planning.

Whilst the above checklists may provide you with a list of the ADHD symptoms ' has this list solved any of your worries or concerns? I would suspect the answer to that question is no 'if you were worried previously then you are possibly even more concerned now. And if you weren't too concerned prior to reading this list of ADHD symptoms, I would bet money on you being worried now.

For some definitive impartial advice and information from parents who have been exactly where you are at now please subscribe to our free website ' www.ourexceptionalkids.com

About the author:
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Sheryl Polomka
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