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   Your Stories > Stories of interest > Crohns Disease and S
Crohns Disease and Stress

It is no doubt that in society today stress is a common factor in most illnesses and Crohns disease is no exception. Many study's have been done that assist me in making that statement but nothing means more to me that my own personal experience with Crohns disease and stress related events.

My father who also has Crohns disease and a far more advanced state is also an advocate of avoiding Crohns disease and stress. For most people the answer to why it is so important to avoid Crohns disease and stress may not be so obvious. I would like to talk about a few things that stressed out people do to relieve the stress and the activity that can help fight Crohns disease and stress at the same time.

Activity #1 : Smoking

First let me start by saying that people who smoke are three times more likely to get Crohns disease that people who don't. So I think right there is a great example of what kind of control we actually have on Crohns disease. So you have heard it before and I'll say it again Don't Smoke Cigarettes. Just imagine you have Crohns your addicted to nicotine and have a stressful job in sales just for example. This is a perfect scenario for a downward spiral to toilet hell fast.

Just imagine you lost a big contract and the stress picks up you have anxiety so you reach for your cancer sticks. You take a puff and the Crohns kicks in and you're on your knees. You need to get back into the office and close another sale but you can't because you're having a attack. Your stress level picks up even more! 'What if I lose my job?' you start thinking, so you have another cigarette that kicks in the Crohns again. You get my point!

I know this seems extreme and if you're a smoker your probably saying yeah sure but this scenario is probably not as far off from your own life as you might be thinking. So if you have Crohns Disease and stress in your life don't smoke and if you do quit now.

Activity #2 : Eating

Now this is starting to hit home because I don't know about you but when I'm stressed I eat. I don't eat good food I eat junk food and lots of it. McDowell's, Taco Hell, chocolate punches to the gut, and I pay the price for it. Then the stress picks up and things start to get worse. My suggestion to you if you are a junk food junky and you have Crohns Disease is get help.

Know that beef and dairy are some of your worst enemies. Know that what you have is no laughing matter and the stress of responsibility while dealing with a disability can make the situation worse. Eat right and stand from a perspective of fight for your life view on your current situation.

Activity #3 : Physical Activity

I'm sure it is no surprise that I am advocating physical activity with Crohns Disease and stress. The endorphins that are created after a hard workout are stronger than chocolate and smoking combined and after time can become a addiction in itself, a good one. I will be honest and say that at times after a good workout I have some discomfort in my abdominal section due to the increase in blood flow in that area but after things calm down I feel great!

In review a strong diet, healthy exercise and a positive perspective on life can make all the difference in dealing with Crohns disease and stress.

About the author:
Kyle Wayne has dedicated his time to helping others find relief from Crohn's Disease http://www.helpwithcrohns.info
Kyle Wayne
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