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DisabledInfo.co.uk - offering practical advice and information for the disabled from the disabled
DisabledInfo.co.uk offers advice and information for the disabled from the disabled
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   Out of the home > Products > All Terrain 4x4 Whee
All Terrain 4x4 Wheelchairs
All Terrain 4x4 Wheelchairs

We have spent the last eight years providing goods and services for people with disabilities. We started out as a consultancy providing disability equality training, building accessibility audits and advice for companies and local authorities regarding the disability discrimination act and other relevant legislation.

Over time our business evolved to incorporate mobility transport solutions. We specialised in trailers that transport wheelchairs and scooters. We found that a lot of the wheelchairs that our customers were using were built to a high spec but had considerable limitations. With this in mind we began researching and became involved in the development of what is now the challenger 4x4.

From our first involvement to where we are now has taken three and half years and we can say with confidence that we offer a product that can significantly increase the users mobility and independence. We are constantly looking at ways of improving our products and are hoping to launch a new urban terrain wheelchair as well as an exciting range of children's wheelchairs in the near future.

For eight years we have worked hard to provide products and services that work for you along with excellent customer service. While the company has changed our philosophy has not. We value both your custom and your input.

All Terrain 4x4 Wheelchairs

Our all terrain 4x4 wheelchairs are real all rounders and offer the user a superior level of independence that they may not have thought possible....

The amazing Challenger 4x4 Wheelchair, for example, is suitable for use as an all terrain wheelchair, off road wheelchair, a stair climbing wheelchair, a beach wheelchair as well as for everyday outdoor use, this 4x4wheelchair can cope with the roughest of terrain and can negotiate 36 degree angles while the gyroscopic seat and self levelling rack help to maintains an upright seating position at all times. The Challenger 4x4 All Terrain Wheelchair has an incredible 360-degree turning circle offering the user a superb, unrivalled level of manoeuvrability. Access all areas including;

* Forests
* Beaches
* Stairs
* Parks
* Farms
* hills and more...

Never before has a wheelchair offered such a wealth of opportunities and we will very soon be adding to our range. Contact us today for a free no obligation test drive, or with any other queries or questions.

Wheelchair Trailers

Our mobility trailers are specifically designed for wheelchairs and mobility scooters. The trailers load from the left hand side so are ideal for loading from a kerb. While we are only advertising the deluxe trailers we may also be able to offer a bespoke design to suit your specific needs. Please feel free to contact us for an informal discussion.

The deluxe trailer has a long loading ramp and is made from a strong steel construction that is hot dipped galvanized for increased durability. The ramp and trailer base is covered in alloy chequer plate. The trailer fits onto a standard British towbar. The trailer comes complete with 8' wheels, independent suspension, a lighting board and a full 12-month warranty.

Platform size- 1530mm (60') long x 910mm (36') wide.
Carrying capacity- 225kg.
Simon Kew
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