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Developments That Have Led To The ADD/ADHD Diagnosis Crisis

The prevalence of the ADHD/ADD diagnosis does not definitely indicate that something is dreadfully wrong with the nation's children, but rather that something has definitely changed. Although some cases of out-of-control children being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD are most likely due to nutritional imbalances and deficiencies as well as allergies and sensitivities, a good number of cases are likely due to the fact that child rearing has changed.

Some experts believe that ADD/ADHD should not have been classified as a psychiatric disorder by the American Psychological Association in their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual but a personality type. The Association has taken this measure considering that social, emotional and environmental factors are usually the cause of many disorders.

ADD/ADHD and as well as many other conditions in DSM has been argued by many experts as conditions that are not in any way related to psychiatric disorder and therefore should not even be in DSM. This is due to the fact that there have been no evidence to support they fall under this category and the individuals also does not feel as if they suffer from psychiatric conditions.

Are individuals who suffer from ADD/ADHD just different?

It is obvious that an individual suffering from asthma would not be classified as having a psychiatric condition. It's also obvious that someone with diabetes would not be classified according to DSM criteria. In the same manner, individuals diagnosed as having ADD/ADHD should avoid a psychiatric diagnosis.

No evidence to support diagnosis of ADD/ ADHD

Children of today have been labelled as unmanageable by the medical community and this has made it easier for them to diagnose and medicate the children so that they will eventually fit into the society. The society, in its effort to suppress children that suffer from ADD/ADHD have resulted in millions of children receiving medications on a daily basis.

Changes that have been made in parenting, education, and the rules of society may be more responsible for an ADD/ADHD diagnosis than any actual psychiatric disorder. Individuals who have ADD/ADHD often feel that there is nothing wrong with them at all other than the fact that they process, perceive, and react to internal and external stimuli.

Children of today are not so free to interact with the environment. The society has posed many restrictions and values that these children needs to conform to and this has created many problems within these children as well as the way they interact with the environment and society when they are unable to do so.

These individuals are different from others and the problem may not be due to the fact that they are uncontrollable. Compromising is a better way to handle these individuals than presuming that they need medical treatment.

Is something the matter with parenting, society, and the environment that could be directly linked to ADD/ADHD?

With all the rush that we have imposed upon our children it is no wonder that they have become the individuals that are hyperactive. Children used to be pampered at home by housewife mothers.

They are free to sleep, eat and explore their childhood. Now, children are rushed to school and even preschool and daycare by their working parents, given pre-packaged food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Parents who have no time for their children would usually resort to providing entertainment in the form of television. All these has negative effect in a sense that parents are neglecting the fact that these children needs to be slowed down to enjoy life a little.

Before the blame is placed solely on the shoulders of parents, one must take into account the situation that forces parents to take these measures. One most prevalent factor is the rising cost of education that forces parents to opt for warehousing children. More often than not, both parents would have to generate income in order to provide for the family.

This has in turn created a regulated, narrowly focused, and task-oriented lifestyle for their children and children with ADD/ADHD are the ones that suffer from it the most. Just like many restrictions are placed on children suffering from other disorders, this type of lifestyle is certainly not the one that should be imposed on children with ADD/ADHD.

And before parents ride the waves of a guilt tsunami, they must realize that most people do what they are think is right. There has been nothing, until relatively recently, that encouraged parents to think for themselves when selecting options for their children. The FDA labelled food additives safe and the medical community failed to keep people informed of alternative methods of treating ADD/ADHD and many other disorders and illnesses.

Having realized that the medical community have taken the easy way in opting for pharmaceutical treatment, more and more have opted for natural, non-medicinal, alternatives. This can be seen in the treatment of Type II diabetes, high cholesterol as well as ADD/ADHD.

About the author: As a leading practitioner in the field of treating attention deficit disorder, Jimmy Brownen has had man years of experience in the treatment of such disorders. For more information on adderall or vyvanse, please visit his site today.
Jimmy Brownen
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