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Hands on Project for Autistic Children

If you are a parent with autistic child, you should know that autism is not just a disorder that involves one member of the family. Autism is a condition that affects the whole family in every way, whether we like it or not. It is a condition that befalls or blesses a family depending on how one would look at it.

Our pastor has a son with autism. Time and time again, I would hear him preach of life challenges and ties it with the challenges his own family faces with having an autistic child. Our pastor believes that it was God's work that his family has the resources, fortitude, and wisdom in combating this disorder afflicting their child.

If you're a family with autistic child, or a family with autism, you know fully well that autism is treatable. But it all depends on the people surrounding the autistic children. Autism varies from child to child, and there are appropriate treatments in every stage, age, and level. It is vital to seek medical help and expert advice in treating autism. When needed, a support group, usually a group of families with autism is also important so your own family can maintain a positive attitude toward autism.

Autism as a developmental disability affects the autistic child's capacity to communicate. So mostly, hands on project for autistic children are bordered on speech, sign language, picture, and mimicking exercises.

I had worked before as a caregiver to an autistic child whose mother is a speech pathologist and below are the exercises she had put together for her child which we did on a day-to-day basis. I would say the difference between normal child play and autistic child play is the explicit use of language. Use of expressive language is the key in making the autistic child get out of his/her shell and communicate.

Hands on project/projects for autistic children:

1.Telling and drawing.Use a clear sheet of paper and tell a simple story and as you go on, draw a picture of it. It can be a story about a ball or a tree. Add things to the picture as you go on, let it flow, and be creative. After you do it, let the child have his/her turn. Surely, the child will not yet follow the first time you do this exercise but as you go along, the child will learn to do create his/her own story.

2.Playing the piano.The piano can be replaced by any keyboard instrument like an organ or a toy that has the complete do-re-mi notes in it. As you press one key, sing the note. Then, let the child repeat after you.

3.Pretend play.Instead of using toys, have pretend objects while you play. Use words generously to stimulate the child's imagination.

4.Naming a sound.This can be played interchangeably. Mimic an animal sound and let the child identify what animal it is or ask the child what sound an animal makes.

5.Name a picture.Show a picture card to the child and let him/her tell what it is. This encourages the child to speak.

If you are looking for more hands on projects for autistic children, if have more questions on autism and are looking for answers, visit Complete Autism Package.

About the author: To read more articles from L.R. Haake, visit wowezine.com.
L.R. Haake
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