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All-Natural Cures for Insomnia

The cure or treatment for your insomnia may be just dependent upon your ability to turn your life around and start a healthy lifestyle. One of the myriad causes of insomnia is poor or unhealthy diet, too much caffeine and alcohol intake, too much nicotine, and generally undisciplined way of life.

Curing your insomnia is important since if it goes on for longer, you might later be confronting more serious health issues. What's more, the daytime effects of a poor and unsatisfactory sleep may lead you to lose jobs, destroy relationships and become prone to accidents. Sufferers feel fatigued, short tempered, and forgetful. In addition, they often feel drowsy throughout the day and have frequent bouts of headache.

Here are several suggested lifestyle changes that are not impossible to accomplish:

- Eating a well balanced diet, cutting back on too much sugar, eating foods rich in magnesium

- Exercising everyday but not about 2 - 3 hours before bedtime

- Establishing a bedtime routine that would encourage relaxation, like taking warm baths, drinking milk or herbal tea before going to bed, tuning in to soothing music, meditating and flushing out negative thoughts

- Eliminating too much caffeine, alcohol and nicotine intake for a deeper, more relaxing sleep

- Arrange your whole bedroom's atmosphere to encourage sleepiness like eliminating all sources of light, letting air circulate, ventilating it well, having a comfortable mattress

- Learning how to handle stress well enough that it does not interfere with your much-needed sleep

Other natural alternatives:

- Aromatherapy

- Taking in accurate dosages of appropriate herbal remedies

- Cognitive behavioural therapy

- Massage therapy

- Acupuncture/ Acupressure

- Traditional Chinese medicine

If you are suffering from chronic pain syndrome due to a medical condition, you may be prone to insomnia, though not having a good night's sleep might well aggravate your condition. Several illnesses that would cause incessant pain are (but not limited to): cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes and osteoporosis. In case you have are suffering from these illnesses, the natural lifestyle changes suggested may not just be enough to cure your insomnia.

You must see your doctor about your insomnia as the consequences of your health condition. He / she can help you be relieved of the sleeping problem by prescribing some medicine. This, along with the natural cures may be sufficient to beat insomnia.

If you believe that you have symptoms of chronic insomnia, the root cause of your problem may be determined through a process of sleep study. Undergoing sleep studies mean that you will be monitored during your sleep cycles to find out the main reason for your sleeping problem. However this may be expensive and your insurance do not cover this kind of study.

Still, knowing the causes of your insomnia is a big step towards curing it. You could help your doctor to diagnose your condition by maintaining a 'sleep diary.' Your doctor will have an indication of the factors causing your difficulties in going to sleep and make a way for him to find a solution or treatment.

People with medical or health conditions that is found to be the cause of insomnia should undergo appropriate treatments and medication in combination with natural remedies to gradually beat insomnia and achieve sufficient and satisfying sleep.

About the author:
Gerrard Mackenzie. Submitted links dead.
Gerrard Mackenzie
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