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DisabledInfo.co.uk offers advice and information for the disabled from the disabled
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Take control of your life

Are you a constant worrier? Ever wonder why? The reason behind all your worries is fear. This destructive emotion can wreak havoc in your life. We are all worried from time to time but being constantly worried is a cause of concern because it will only lead to depression.

The best advice you can give your self is that, there is no time to worry 'now'! Taking initiative is important, and the best time to do that is now. Otherwise, you will not be able to free your self from all those negative thoughts that plague your mind. As your fear grows due to increasing negativity, you will feel trapped and stuck in a situation in which you could do little besides thinking more and more. Most of us consider, that thinking is a good habit, however excessive thinking will lead you no where. In fact you have take things in your hands.

Fear is what made you stop doing all those fun, exciting things as you got older. You stopped wanting to climb tall trees because you feared that you might fall. You stopped playing in the mud because you feared what your parents might say. You didn't go after that promotion because you feared you were not good enough. Fear is the culprit here. It denies you the happiness and success that you deserve. It keeps you from achieving your goals.

In every situation you can make two choices. You can either make the right decision or you can make the wrong one. Either way you take action. Fear paralyses a person. It makes you do NOTHING. You don't move forward or backward. You don't know if your choice was right or wrong. You are left with nothing but insecurity and doubt. That is the worst-case scenario. If you should fear anything then fear not doing anything.

You know that fear induced paralysis has set in when you feel like you are in a rut. That's when you feel like you are besieged on all fronts and can't move. There is only one way to free your self from the chains of fear. Action. It doesn't matter which way, just move. Get off your butt and just do something. Go make that action plan. Write down your goals. Figure out what you want to do in your life. The point is to get rid of your fear by getting into motion.

The best way to leave fear far behind is by having and implementing a plan. You can come up with your own plan or you could model one after others. The best way to be successful is by following in the footsteps of other successful people.

Do what they do. Speak how they speak. Handle problems like how they handle problems. You use their blueprint to success to build your own plan. From time to time, find the right person or mentor, they can guide you. This mentor can be any one who is more experienced then you therefore he can help you achieve your goals and live your dreams. He can teach you all those necessary tactics to survive in this fast paced world. A teacher can install passion inside you, so that you are compelled to learn more about what is happening around you. This spark for learning will prove beneficial for your personal growth. However, learning can be a never ending voyage. To be an achiever you must have a desire to discover new things.

Curiosity is a virtue that can do wonders for you. You will be simply inspired to explore new subjects when you are curious. Many modern scientific discoveries were made by mere experimentation of inquisitive scientists.

For instance, take one of the biggest inventions of mankind: nuclear power. Einstein wouldn't have been able to harness the potential of atoms and neutrons without the desire to learn more. Therefore, make conscious use of curiosity to make your learning experience more beneficial. Sometimes, our knowledge is too restricted about a subject.

This is because we have only learnt a few facts about the whole situation. Curiosity plays an important role by forcing us to look further in to the topic and find out the bigger picture. Once you have a holistic view of the situation you have high chances of succeeding in your undertakings. Smaller problems and setbacks will not worry you since, you have a complete idea of what you are doing and will plan for alternatives. Remember, learning is also about making mistakes. You can learn without doing something wrong. However, all these mistakes add up to your experience. Your experiences can prepare you to handle difficult situations.

Learning can be a life long experience and you need to motivate yourself to discover something new every day. In this way you can increase your knowledge benefiting yourself from the increased awareness. A person with little information on a subject can easily get stuck, however a person with wealth of information can find ways to solve his or her problems. So, never hold yourself from asking questions. Ask a question whenever you feel like, it is going to promise that you learn new things as you grow old and smart.

About the author:
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Ori Foyer
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