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   Finance > Other Finance > Scams! Please Beware
Scams! Please Beware.

This Article is not about just the internet scams; unfortunately you will find scams all around you; back pages of magazines, daily and weekly papers, by mail, email or even by the telephone.

Always remember there are no free lunches in life! If it sounds too good to be true it generally is, please don't forget this!

Get rich overnight programs are also on the increase and they are often cleverly worded so it can be quite easy to fall for them. Certainly, there have been a few rare individuals who have had an idea and turned it into a million dollar idea; however, these get rich quick ideas rarely, if ever, help anyone to actually become wealthy within a short period of time.

There are certainly many scam artists out there who prey on individuals who are looking for ways to make extra money. This does not mean that you must become one of their victims; however. There are plenty of ways in which you can make money legitimately in order to fund your retirement dreams; however, it is also important to learn how to avoid those scams that seek to take your money instead of provide a way for you to increase your income.

Before responding to any advertisement promising that you can make extra money it is a good idea to do a little research in order to determine whether the company is legitimate or a scam.

You've Won a Prize!

Just a few weeks ago I received a letter with an address about 30 miles away from where I live, informing me that I've won a top prize; it gave me a list of 6 prizes and guaranteeing I had won one. All I had to do was ring a number to find out which one I had won; at £1.50 per minute; I rang just to see if I really had been so lucky and I had won?

But I couldn't remember entering any competitions, but my inquisitive mind got the better of me, so I rang, the recorded message, it went on and on and didn't tell me what I'd won until near the end (a cruise for 4) not to be sniffed at, but I still didn't know how to claim my prize. I seemed to be on the phone for ages and at £1.50 per minute they were making very nice money. My calculation between £5 to £10 pounds, not bad for a pre-recorded message and buying a name list!

I got a money off voucher but to use it would have cost me a considerable amount of money, the type of voucher you may have received through the post when a cruise company's doing a promotion.

As I don't enter competitions at all; since that date I've received another 2 letters asking me to ring a number to receive the price I've won, on the letter there is only the premium number! Beware it will cost you money!.. if you turn to the back of any magazine, open up the classifieds section of the newspaper or type in the words 'work at home' or 'earn extra money' in your favourite search engine, you will find an entire host of offers. Read through them and they will generally make a number of promises.

Make Money Stuffing Envelopes!

Discover how you can make million pounds by having others send you $5/£5. Send a self-addressed stamp envelope and $5/£5 to!!!.

All of these 'offers' seem to be great at first. They offer you the opportunity to do something constructive and useful from home while earning the income you desire to supplement your income. In the first example, it certainly seems as though it would be worth checking into. Who wouldn't want to make a million dollars by having other people send them money? The problem with this type of offer; however, is that it is a pyramid scheme. All you will typically receive with this type of 'offer' is instructions to list the same ad to which you responded.

Necklace and Bracelet Making Offers.

As well as offers for other types of crafts, are extremely prolific in the classifieds. The worst problem with these types of offers, is that they can seem quite legitimate.

This type of offer; however, is a scam. It begins with a company advertising in a newspaper or magazine that they can provide you with discount supplies to make a specific type of craft. They always seem to stress how easy it is to make the craft in question. The 'offer' will require you to purchase the 'discount' supplies and provide you with instructions for making that particular craft. The offer then assures you that you will be paid when the crafts you make are submitted and approved.

What they fail to tell you is that they never accept any craft submissions and therefore you never get paid. The purpose behind this type of offer is to get you to purchase the supplies at a rate that is highly inflated. This is how they make their money.

Offering Shares in a Company.

Beware of offers of shares beings old over the phone. You are telephoned and offer shares in a company at a price that should not be missed, you send your money and that's the last you hear of them; always remember if anything sounds too good to be true, IT IS!

Apparently at this moment a lot of people in the UK are being sold shares over the phone of fictitious companies. The way it is done is by one telephone sales person softening you up and the high pressure sales person then contacting you later, taking all your money.

Obvious your name, address and phone number have been sold to a third person. There are many companies who trade in lists of peoples details. Whenever you fill in a questionnaire with all your personal details, like interests, hobbies etc. the information is then sold on without your knowledge.

It is far stricter in America, it is illegal to use people's details, without they have agreed for their details to be used; but in a lot of countries they don't have this law. In one scam, they are selling Google and Microsoft shares, but these shares are not of the companies you think they are but fictitious companies registered in Panama, especially set up for this business to con you.

If you have some money you wish to invest, from inheritance, being made redundant or just a windfall. Start by doing your homework, go on the Internet or to the library and take out books on the subject, there is a host of information on investing money. My advise to anyone is do your research and find out for yourself, it's all out there for you to read, there will be a later article and possibly book too, on investments.

Internet Scams!

There are thousand of different Scams and Hoaxes on the internet and the different between a scam and a hoax; the scam is trying to get money, the hoax a bit of fun. Just remember if it sounds to good most of the time it is. Scams rely heavily on GREED.

We, as people, are always looking for the short cut to riches and if we see a way to get it we jump. Avery informative site on Scams and Hoaxes is Ed's Bandwagon, do go and read though the site for yourself, you will find lots of very useful information; it is at http://edsbandwagon.com/scams.htm I will try and update this article as I hear of other scams to help you, but you must keep a lookout for yourself too.

Shipping Scam on Ebay.

Many people start selling household goods on eBay auction site to earn extra money. I have heard of someone who sold her son's Play station on eBay; the buyer told her that he would send the payment once she gave him the tracking code from the Post office or whoever she used to ship the product. In other words, once the product was shipped, he or she would make the payment. Hmm.

The friend told her to go and check the buyer's feedback on eBay. It was zero. They had never bought or sold on eBay before. She asked them how they would be making the payment, the answer was bank transfer but they would not allow her to have their bank account details or any personal details.

In other words it had scam written all over it. Beware! Please remember, if someone asks you to ship a product before they make a payment, don't!!

About the author:
Anne Fenwick has now written 2 ebooks and many articles, one aimed at helping people facing retirement and looking for an extra income. The other an account of Building Properties in Western Australia. Her main website is www.parkfenbookshop.com.
Anne Fenwick
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