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Tips for buying a life insurance

Buying a life insurance cover is quite simple process. Yet there are some simple tips you need to adhere to in order to get the best life insurance cover that meets all your requirements. Read on to make your buying of a life insurance a breeze.

Decide the amount you need to be covered for

This is the most important step in buying a life insurance cover. Find out what's the amount of cover right for you. If your cover is insufficient to meet your present liabilities, your dependents will have a hard time to make their ends meet in case of your death. If you take very high life cover, you will end up paying very high premiums, which are a waste of money. So it is advisable to contact an independent life insurance broker who will help you choose the proper cover for you.

Find out the coverage included in your policy

Certain life insurance policies also provide cover for certain instances like unemployment, disability or critical illness. So if you already have separate insurance policies to cover these instances, you can always exclude them, as going for them will increase your premium amount. This can be unnecessary expense.

Decide on the type of insurance policy you want to go for.

If you want the cheapest insurance policy without an element of investment, go for a term plan. For insurance and investment for a definite period, choose between endowment, whole life and unit link insurance policies. Due to the absence of investment option, term policy is the cheapest and unit link policy is the costliest.

Decide how long you want the policy to cover you

Your premium will be decided by the term you want your policy should last. This is very important because as you grow older, your premiums will increase. So if you have decided to take a policy for 15 years, your premium will increase at the time of renewal, as you have grown older. If you want to avoid this situation, opt for a whole life policy so that you are covered till you die.

Get life insurance quotes

Getting life insurance quotes is very important as different insurers have different premiums for a specific amount insured for a certain period with certain exclusions for a certain age. If you choose to avail of the insurance riders than the life insurance quotes will increase and this increase will not be uniform amongst various insurers. Asking for life insurance quotes can save you a lot of money over the policy term.

Study various life insurance quotes

After getting various life insurance quotes, go though them minutely. Understand what every policy covers as well as its exclusions. Select few policies that fulfil your need.

Find out about the quality of customer service

Quality of the customer service provided by insurance companies will vary a lot. Just because an insurance company is well known, it does not mean its customer service is excellent. You can get a honest feedback about the service of the insurers on different consumer forums, as well as consumer review websites.

Here you'll get an honest appraisal about the customer service of the insurers from actual experiences. It is very important to observe how quickly the company settles the claims, how the company deals with you in case of loss of policy documents and the ultimate surrender value of the policy, in case you cannot keep on paying the premium.

About the author:
Business Planner and Online Marketing Manager Employed with Bharti AXA Life, Get more helpful information about life insurance on Buying life insurance
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