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   Health > Ailments > All about asthma
All about asthma

One of the most worrying global health trends in recent years is the number of asthma sufferers; part of this concern is the increasing number of young people who are being diagnosed with the condition. For sufferers of asthma, this chronic condition is serious as they have difficulty breathing when their air passages react adversely to atmospheric and other allergens. This is a respiratory condition that when not treated properly can easily result in death, if the attack is not attended to in time or is severe.

There are ways to reduce the risks of attacks though by carefully monitoring the condition which is the responsibility of the asthma sufferer on a daily basis. The medical treatment given to patients will depend on the severity of their condition and will be one of three areas which are; preventing the attacks and then providing relief if they do occur, in addition to supplying medical treatment for serious attacks.

Whilst all sufferers will be given some form of Bronchodilator to help with short term relief for attacks, patients who only have a mild form will probably never need to use anything else. As the seriousness of the condition increases, additional medication is required.

Low-dose glucocorticoids or a mastcell stabilizer may be used for patients who still only have mild but more persistent attacks. Oral glucocorticoids will be required for asthma patients who require strong medication for serious attacks. All asthma patients will still be given standard relievers like a Bronchodilator.

By careful monitoring of the asthmatics condition, it should not be difficult to recognize just exactly what it is that triggers an attack. This means that attacks can be avoided if not eliminated altogether. The condition is very strongly associated with air pollution, which causes the condition to worsen in people who suffer breathing related conditions.

Although the specific medications can help the situation it is far better if they can be avoided where possible. They can cause serious side effects if used on a regular basis such as impotence, liver damage, depression, even tiredness and dizzy spells. To help stop the rise in treatment associated problems many people with respiratory conditions are now using natural remedies to help treat the cause of the problem rather than drugs which are used to make the body's immune system kick in.

The task is to strengthen the weak body systems then soothe and calm the hyperactive systems; this is done by substances called catalysts. Natural medications provide natural organic catalysts to the body that restore balance in the system and thereby eliminate all the symptoms without any side effects.

Now yoga is being used as a natural substitute to medication as some yoga disciplines are centered on breath control which many asthma sufferers are finding beneficial to their condition and overall well-being.

The best way forward for an asthma patient is to eat a balanced nutritional diet that will help restore the immune system that has taken a great deal of punishment. Natural medication can also be used that will not leave harmful chemicals in the system. It is most important that the sufferer learns to control their asthma condition.

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